[Loadstone] To the grout author, are there any plans to open source grout?

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Fri Jul 9 12:17:39 BST 2010

Hello Grzegorz, and all,

It is nice to see the community developing applications, tools and 
solutions to enhance the usefulness of Loadstone.  Community involvement 
is something we feel quite strongly about.

The current issues faced by the gRoute folks are issues we the Loadstone 
development team also have had and continue to have.  There are at least 
two issues with using Google maps.

1.  There is a limit to how many addresses (or points of interests) a 
particular IP address can access per day.  This is the problem that gRoute 

2.  There is a bit of a legal grey area when it comes to mobile devices 
accessing real-time map data from Google maps.  I will let people far more 
qualified than I to comment on this but it certainly is a concern.

I think having folks register for the gRoute service is probably a good 
idea so the script can keep track of who is using it and how many requests 
are being generated.  You could then lets say as an example limit the 
number of address lookups to 1 per minute and 60 per day per user and keep 
within the daily query limits per IP.

Alternatively, there might be a way to have the script execute javascript 
on the phone which will originate the Google Maps query from the phone's 
IP rather than a particular server's IP.

Of course there are also ways to make a script only accessible by mobile 
devices rather than
any random machine on the Internet.

I think open-sourcing the script would be a good idea.  This will allow 
others to improve it plus make any decisions regarding hosting a service.

Best regards,

On Fri, 9 Jul 2010, Grzegorz Zlotowicz wrote:

> Hello and Sorry for the delay with answer.
> I have no idea what to do with the groute - i wrote this tool for fun one
> friday and the society interest is more i expected...
> I can of course make source code available for public, but in context of
> last abuse of our server by the turkish site - Mikolaj wrote about it some
> time ago - in this context I don't know is it a good move.
>> From one point of view it is nice that this simple tool serves Loadstone
> users, but from the other side the fact that somebody wants to steal all map
> data from Google using it can lead to situation that Google will change the
> query interface or make an other moves leading to stopping the groute
> mechanism.
> I don't want such changes to be connected in any way with Loadstone
> initiative or blind community in any aspect.
> Maybe the best sollution is to wait until end of work of pointshare group,
> and integrate the tool in the authorised way into the pointshare site? I
> don't know.
> So, as in the beginning of this tool, I'd like to hear from community what
> to do with it - it would be nice if people from the Loadstone-gps team would
> say a word about it too.
> Greetings, Greg.
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>> I'm not sure if the grout author is still on this list but figure this
>> is the best place to try. With the issues people have been having and
>> the limited availibility of grout I was wondering if it would be
>> possible to open source grout so multiple servers can be run and
>> technically inclined individuals can run there own copy?
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