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Hi Lois,

Your problem of getting stuck in a loop in Exploration mode is down to 
what you have your "Max Search Radius" set to in 
Options/Configuration/Settings/GeneralSettings.  This number is measured 
in kilometres so try and reduce it to a number that makes sense in your 
database.  For example if your points are all within 200KM then set the 
value to 200.  This will restrict how far Loadstone tries to search for 


  On Mon, 5 Jul 2010, Lois 
Butterfield wrote:

> Hi all,  When in exploration mode, I reach a point when I just hear tones
> and no more info.  It seems to happen before the end of my map.  When it
> happens, I have to use the end key to get out.  I am using the latest
> version of loadstone and an N82.  I wonder if there is a better way to
> I am very new at this, so please pardon my ignorance.
> Thanks,
> Lois
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