[Loadstone] Internal GPS chip info.

Kit goldeneagle74 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 3 20:39:47 BST 2010

Hi guys,

I have browsed for quite a while and cannot find the info needed.  I am trying to compare the internal GPs chip set between N79 and E52.  I found

TI NaviLink 5.0 NL5350
Is this referring to the N79's chip?

but just cannot find any official mentioned of E52's chip set for GPIs.  Even in Nokia's spec, not mentioned.

However, in one of the forum, i saw Sirf Star III mentioned as it's chip set.  Is this correct?  

Anyone could provide more info on the above pls?  I am trying to see if E52's chip is better then N79 or not.

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