[Loadstone] Enquery on external bluetooth gps receivers

saidarshan bhagat saidarshan786 at yahoo.co.in
Sat Jul 3 09:47:05 BST 2010

Dear All,
First let me say thanks to all my friends for solving my query regarding internal  gps   connectivity.
After receiving all your inputs I have started using loadstone efficiently
 Now I use loadstone on the way to my office and it helps me to navigate independently, Big thanks for your inputs.
So let me throw one more query to all my expert friends, Now its regarding external gps receivers. As I said have started using loadstone on my n79 with internal gps receiver, but I observed that internal gps  is takes too long to connect and signal during  bus travelling is really poor.
So finally I have decided to go for external receiver to improve my loadstone experience. Hence requesting my friends to suggest me any external gps receiver with long battery backup and strong signal strength.
Pls note that it should be available in India as I am from Mumbai India.
Also suggest any tool which  will help me to generate checkpoint file by providing coordinates/address.
So thanks to all my friends, special thanks to loadstone development team for providing such a superb tool. Now I am  Waiting for your expert inputs.
Thanks in advance.
With best regards.
+91 9820 223489.

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