[Loadstone] geocoder problem

Ömer Yeşiltaş yesiltas1981 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 3 05:42:56 BST 2010

Hi all, i am trying to get some points using geocoder in loadstone-gps tools page. But, whatever i try, the resulting file always has the same points. İ am searching different addresses, different cities, but the result is always same, same points, same things. İ am searching İstanbul, set the km to 99 but the results belong to ankara, a different city. 
İs this because the osm site only has these pois for my country or does geocoder get wrong points? 
İ am downloading the file using the direct link on the site not from osm site. 
açılmıştır. cep telefonlarıyla ilgili geniş içeriğe sahip olan sitemize bekleriz.
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