[Loadstone] Application for porting data from WFA to Loadstone

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As far as I know, WFA stores favourites on a server online somewhere -
whenever I've loaded it into a new phone my favourites have already been

If the phone caches them somehow, you may be able to get at the data with a
file manager - I rarely need to use an in-phone browser when at my desk as I
can browse my phone from windows explorer.  The logical step, if you can
find a file, would be to get the data into csv then convert it to a
Loadstone format with one of the tools.

I so rarely use Wayfinder that I'm happy to find points, as I need them,
one-by-one from Google Maps or various other sources around the web.


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Hello all,

Since Wayfinder is turning out to be increasingly inaccurate in the 
pedestrian mode here in England, I would like to port data from my WFA 
favourites to Loadstone. Since there are over 60 locations in my Favourites,

looking up the coordinates in WFA, copying them to Loadstone and creating 
check points is a cumbersome process.

Is a program available that can simplify this task in some way? Any 
suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks.

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