[Loadstone] running loadstone tools scripts on xampp

Lex lex at progger.ru
Tue Jan 26 06:53:29 GMT 2010


24.01.2010 23:50, Vojtěch Polášek пишет:
> I have allso one question. How does osmconverter in python handles 
> pois and intersections? I think that osm converter from loadstone 
> tools has more options - settings.
You can see all supported settings by typing "osm.exe --help" (or 
"python osm.py --help" in linux)
> is there any python file for linux?
Any modern linux distro includes python interpreter preinstalled. You 
need to optain sources from the svn repo and run converter like
python osm.py [options]
python reprocessor.py [options]
If you have any troubles doing that don't hesitate asking me.

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