[Loadstone] Loadstone connecting to the internal gps.

Kwagga productions kwaggapro at vodamail.co.za
Mon Jan 25 08:05:54 GMT 2010

Hi guys. I am writing this from my phone as i am busy mapping again. I went and tried to connect loadstone on its own with out loading maps. Yes it does connect but it takes about an hour and the best way to get it to connect is to be on the move. Now there i can say that the internal gps systems are sensitive and dont like to take readings when you are standing still. As i said use the manual. Guys you'll be surprised at how mutch you will get out of it. I will keep testing and let you guys know what i come across. In the mean time guys i need to get a map of south africa. If one of you can help me with a conversion pleas? At the moment i am walking from place to place to get accurit readings.  Take care.

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