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Robert Spangler spangler.robert at gmail.com
Mon Jan 25 02:33:48 GMT 2010

Thank you - that worked great.  Do you know how often the OSM
databases are updated?  I found a point in the database of my city
that hasn't been called what it is labeled as for over ten years.


On 1/24/10, Lex <lex at progger.ru> wrote:
> Hi,
> 24.01.2010 8:14, Robert Spangler пишет:
>> I downloaded the
>> tools in the zip file.  I have web space on a server, so I uploaded
>> the OSM converter there.  It says, "Cannot find database." or
>> something similar when I hit the convert button.  I think this has
>> something to do with MySQL but with little documentation, I am unable
>> to tell exactly what it needs.
> I'd recomend you to use alternate OSM2Loadstone converter, which does
> not require webserver, database setup or similar complicated things and
> works slightly faster. You can optain it here:
> http://loadstonetools.googlecode.com
> after unpacking an archive, go to start -> run ->, type in "cmd" and
> press enter. (here I assume you have unpacked loadstonetools to
> c:\loadstone tools. change path appropriately, if it is not true). Type
> commands as folows and don't forget to press enter after each.
> c:
> cd \loadstonetools
> osm.exe c:\data.osm database.txt
> where 'c:\data.osm' is path to the osm data file, and 'database.txt' is
> the name of the output file. it will be created in the folder, where you
> unpacked loadstone tools.
> Also, you will be asked for your e-mail, which is used to calculate your
> loadstone user ID.
> Regards,
> Lex
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