[Loadstone] OSm converter

Lex lex at progger.ru
Sun Jan 24 08:26:26 GMT 2010


24.01.2010 8:14, Robert Spangler пишет:
> I downloaded the
> tools in the zip file.  I have web space on a server, so I uploaded
> the OSM converter there.  It says, "Cannot find database." or
> something similar when I hit the convert button.  I think this has
> something to do with MySQL but with little documentation, I am unable
> to tell exactly what it needs.
I'd recomend you to use alternate OSM2Loadstone converter, which does 
not require webserver, database setup or similar complicated things and 
works slightly faster. You can optain it here:
after unpacking an archive, go to start -> run ->, type in "cmd" and 
press enter. (here I assume you have unpacked loadstonetools to 
c:\loadstone tools. change path appropriately, if it is not true). Type 
commands as folows and don't forget to press enter after each.
cd \loadstonetools
osm.exe c:\data.osm database.txt
where 'c:\data.osm' is path to the osm data file, and 'database.txt' is 
the name of the output file. it will be created in the folder, where you 
unpacked loadstone tools.
Also, you will be asked for your e-mail, which is used to calculate your 
loadstone user ID.


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