[Loadstone] OSm converter

Robert Spangler spangler.robert at gmail.com
Sun Jan 24 06:14:32 GMT 2010


I have recently utilized the OSM tool on the web site to get a map
file of my data.  I now wish to use the converter to convert it into a
Loadstone database file.  the .osm file that I got was 15MB and, due
to the limit of 2MB imposed on the online tools, I downloaded the
tools in the zip file.  I have web space on a server, so I uploaded
the OSM converter there.  It says, "Cannot find database." or
something similar when I hit the convert button.  I think this has
something to do with MySQL but with little documentation, I am unable
to tell exactly what it needs.  Has anyone here used this tool and
able to give me some guidance with this?  I think that the ability to
use these maps will greatly enhance the usability of Loadstone.

Robert Spangler
The University of Toledo
Student Senator - Administrative Affairs Committee Chair, College of
Arts and Sciences

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