[Loadstone] Nokia n95 8gb internal gps

Milos Przic milos.przic at gmail.com
Sat Jan 23 19:08:09 GMT 2010

   Hi all,
   A friend of mine wanted to try the loadstone using the internal gps from his n95 8gb phone. When I clicked the find gps options, I got two different options, and whatever I click I get the no signal message. Also, by pressing the number 7 on the key pad I get the information that there are 0 of 4 satelites, sot he signal is very low. So do someone of you use loadstone with nokia n95 successfully? If so, what we need to set to be able to use gps properly? Or is it just because the phone's receiver is of the low quality?
   Thanks so much in advance for the help, my friend will apreciate it!
          Milos Przic
msn: milos.przic at gmail.com
skype: Milosh-hs

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