[Loadstone] i-blue737a (plus)

Kerry Hoath kerry at gotss.net
Tue Jan 12 22:47:57 GMT 2010

You can upload ephemeris information for your current location to the receiver which will cause it to fix more quicly when first turned on.
To do this you need to use the software that comes with the receiver which isn't all that accessible and you would have had to fix the receiver beforehand so it knows the current latitude and longitude.
The receiver only usually takes 35 seconds to aquire first fix so I just take it outside and let it fix by itself.
Regards, Kerry.

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     Hello all,
     I baught the gps receiver i-blue 737a+, and I hurd that the plus sign means that something in the receiver can be updated. So what is the thing that is updated, and how to do it? I red in te manual but still don't understand, as I don't realize what data are updated.
     Thanks in advance, and best regards!
            Milos Przic
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