[Loadstone] Duplicate records, Is this an error?

Kit goldeneagle74 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 23 02:18:53 GMT 2010

Hi to all users,
After using my database for a while, I found many duplicate points.  I 
cannot understand how the updating works.  I will try my very best to 
explain and if possible, can someone please tell me whether is this the way 
Loadstone works or is this an error.

I have been given a .txt file with quite a lot of points in it by a friend. 
I noticed the duplicate points (based on coordinates) when I updated the 
name of the point personally.  See the example below. I added the  words 
"Bus Stop" through loadstone and then select option and then followed by 

Point by friend:
"pearl point jalan klang lama",30867016,1016737950,1,9,0,4366,1242868730
My modified point:
"pearl point bus stop jalan klang 

So, with this, it created a new record with info as shown above instead of 
updating the existing record.  Is this how it should be? or it should only 
update the fields Name, User ID and ID?

"pearl point bus stop jalan klang 

Pls advice if there is any setting to avoid such duplications in the near 
future. I have to comb through my .txt file now to delete any such records.

Is there any tools to delete points with same coordinates?  If yes, what 
does it based on? the latest time modified or how?

Please assist.


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