[Loadstone] Astranomical settings

Juan Pablo Bello ultraleetj at gmail.com
Mon Feb 22 23:54:26 GMT 2010

according to the loadstone manual you need to do two things besides a
gps receiver:
 1. Set the clock according to your timezone on the gps settings tab
under settings.
2. Obtain a gps fix. To synchronize the times. Speaking of astronimic
it would be a bit nice if the manual can detail what these things mean
a bit, and also explain the bits on cold hot and warm start.

2010/2/22, kwaggapro at vodamail.co.za <kwaggapro at vodamail.co.za>:
> Hi guys. Listen can you help me to fix my astronomical settings pleas? My
> sunrise and set times are way out and i'd like to get them sorted. Please. I
> need those times so that i know what time to leave as i walk to work and its
> not quite safe here. Thanx. Corrie.
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