[Loadstone] supported phones

Sarah Van Oosterwijck mail at curiousnetentity.com
Thu Feb 11 23:18:22 GMT 2010

Thanks everyone for your answers.
I apologize for the partial message followed by full message.  I didn't 
even know what Thunderbird's error caused until today.

I'm still considering which phone to get, and probably will be for a while.
I'm making sure the Internal GPS is highly rated.
If I succeed in finding a phone I like I might have a very good 
bluetooth GPS to sell.

If a Braille Note from humanware is one of the supported braille 
displays for use with Talks, then I'll certainly consider it.  Upgrade 
from my version is probably impossible because it's Cingular's Talks 1 

BTW, it might be a good idea to erase E-mail addresses from quoted 
original messages before sending.  It prevents addresses from being 
easily found by spammers. :-)

  Sarah Van Oosterwijck


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