[Loadstone] supported phones

Charlie charlie at loadstone-gps.com
Thu Feb 11 07:16:25 GMT 2010

Sarah Van Oosterwijck <mail at curiousnetentity.com> wrote:

> [...] Has anyone tried loadstone on a Nokia E72 phone? I know other
> symbian 9.3 phones work, so I was wondering if this is just not listed,
> but would work fine.

Allthough I didn't try an E72 myself, I assume, it will work with LS as
well as with the other Symbian 9.3 devices. CMIIW

> BTW, although I'm using a primitive version of Talks now, I want to use
> mobile Speak on my next phone, because of the DAISY reader and braille
> display support provided.

Both are no reason for choosing MobileSpeak. The daisy reader of
MobileSpeak is additional and you have to buy it, daisy2go is part of a
Talks license and you can use it for free - and Talks also supports baille
displays... in addition there are some other useful features of Talks, for
example the object viewer. to label icons yourself and making some third
party applications more accessible.

I myself would recommend a recent release of Talks and not MobileSpeak.

Btw, allthough LS would work with an internal GPS, the external devices
perform much better than the internal ones.


PS: could someone please remove this borin spammer from the list?

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