[Loadstone] supported phones

Sarah Van Oosterwijck mail at curiousnetentity.com
Wed Feb 10 23:16:22 GMT 2010


I'm a new subscriber to this list.  I've barely used loadstone, but hope 
to use it more in the future.
I'm considering replacing my old Nokia 6620 with a modern phone with a 
built-in GPS receiver.

I looked in the list of supported phones, but did not find the phone I 
am considering.  Has anyone tried loadstone on a Nokia E72 phone?  I 
know other symbian 9.3 phones work, so I was wondering if this is just 
not listed, but would work fine.  Have phones been found that don't work 
even though they should based on their OS?  I'm basically choosing a 
symbian phone because I want to use loadstone on it.  If it wouldn't 
work, or would be difficult to use with a particular phone then I'll 
choose another phone.

BTW, although I'm using a primitive version of Talks now, I want to use 
mobile Speak on my next phone, because of the DAISY reader and braille 
display support provided.  I would assume that loadstone will work just 
as well with mobile speak 4 as it does with Talks.

Sarah Van Oosterwijck

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