[Loadstone] Open Street Map Question

Marcus Pöpping (DF1DV) df1dv at o-52.de
Tue Feb 9 15:04:38 GMT 2010

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Dear Fellow Loadstone Users:
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Dear Michael,
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I just looked at the information available from a link on Loadstone's
geocoder.  The available open street map data have vastly improved since I
visited that website!

I am trying to figure out how to download OSM files for specific areas using
GPS coordinates for given points.  I have coordinates for points along the
Appalachian Trail, which don't have street addresses.  Is there a way to
download files based on GPS coordinates?
I say:
Try the following:

- Install the ofline tools from the tools section of the 
www.loadstone-gps.com page
- study the different readme.txt files and have also a look in the format 
- exicute loadstone.exe
- follow the link named tools
- follow the link open the open street map converter
- use the OSM download converter

you say:
Thank You,

 Mike Hanson
I say:
My pleasure
Marcus Poepping

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