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May be, but I am afraid that writing screen readers for for Symbian is 
very difficult job, since there's no any accessibility API for Symbian 
as I know, and also another problem is because we have lots of S60 
phones, and not all of them function on the same way, which means that 
screen reader may work well on one phone, while it may not work well on 
another phone. At the end, also the big problem is that we have more 
series 60 editions, 1st, 2nd and 3rd, so we should adjust it for all of 
them to make program available for all phone users.
Conclusion: such kind of work really costs a lot of money that has to be 
spent for buying phones on which we should do testing, and also costs 
time for development and testing on individual phones. We cannot compare 
writing a screen reader with writing a GPS solution ala Loadstone, since 
screen reader is logically far complicated to develope.

Fix me if I'm wrong.

On 6.2.2010 17:00, Josh wrote:
> Hi
> this is wonderful that symbian is open source. now maybe there will be 
> a free screen reader for it.
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> my blog is at http://jkenn337.klangoblog.net (updated frequently). 
> Tired of Microsoft Windows and paying thousands for screen-readers? 
> try out NVDA, get a mac--, nvda--for Windows, or try out and switch to 
> grml, Ubuntu, Vinux, or knoppix-adriane Linux desktops. Knoppix ubuntu 
> and vinux-cli-max are the most accessible for beginners. also try 
> vinux-gui and encourage those at www.cherrypal.com 
> <http://www.cherrypal.com> to use windows-xp and nvda knoppix-adriane 
> Vinux-cli-max or grml so all blind people can have an accessible computer.
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