[Loadstone] a query about offline tools and a an error report

Ömer Yeşiltaş yesiltas1981 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 26 14:18:47 GMT 2010

Hi all, i have 2 questions, one is an error in offline tools. 
my first question is, i have a loadstone file which has not been imported to the program. 
the file is .txt extension and 5mb. İt takes more time to import this file to loadstone. and, i am getting many errors during import. 
it says import error, object could not be inserted to line 556 for instance. 
these errors are displayed several times during import in several line numbers.   
how can i learn how many points are there in this file without importing it to loadstone?
my second question is this: İ am getting error when i reprocess this data using offline database reprocessor. 
İt tries to reprocess the file but it says maksimum time 60 seconds exceeded in line 14 or something like that. 
What can i do to 
solve this?

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