[Loadstone] ovi maps questions

Josh Kennedy jkenn337 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 7 15:32:48 GMT 2010


If you are using ovi maps and you decide to take a walk in a park or 
mountain. somewhere that is not near the street network but yet still in 
your country will the gps guide you through it? also what phone do you 
use? what is your favorite? When I have the money I plan on getting a 
Nokia n86 with ovi maps and the latest mobilespeak with acapela heather 
and the maps for my country the united states. the n86 has 8gigs of 
storeage so it should hold the maps for my country no problem. where do 
I get this english with street names voice and will it work for the 
united states? will it interrupt mobilespeak speech in any way? I 
already have a trekker breeze. will ovi maps tell me about three-way and 
four-way intersections when walking? will it say: spruce street crossing 
maple street in 20 feet this is a four way intersection? I alread have a 
breeze, trekker reeze but I like symbian phones so I'm really 
considering getting a n86 with ovi maps from ebay. First it has built-in 
gps plus the ovi maps. I read though on a website that turn by turn 
directions and navigation is not free. or was not free in maps 2.0 or 
1.0. has this changed? is it all free now?


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