[Loadstone] Nokia Suite or PC Suite?

Kit goldeneagle74 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 30 10:19:15 BST 2010

Hi David,

If you already have pc suite installed on your pc, no bother for others. 
Just try out one of these 2.

1.  Plug phone to pc through USB cable.  Select PC suite mode when prompt on 
phone.  Once it's hooked up properly, click on this file in your pc and you 
will get prompt whether to install this program.  Click Yes from pc and then 
all in on your phone now, go through it step by step.

2.   if you don't want to use PC suite at all, then simpler.  Connect using 
USB cable but for this time, select to connect using Mess storage on your 
phone when prompt..  Copy the LoadStone installation file into your memory 
card or mess memory in N86.  Then use your phone and locate for File Manager 
and open up which location you have copied the file.  Just run it to 

The above 2 steps could be applied to all .sis installations and not only 
LoadStone.  The first time you connect your phone will take longer time to 
be detected by windows when it installs necessary drivers so be patient. 
However, if 2nd times onwards, it should get detected quite fast and you can 
straight access the phone.


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Dear List

I should be receiving my Nokia N 86 tomorrow. And intend to install
Lodestone immediately after talks install.

Checking the Nokia web site for documentation and software it appears that
they are recommending using the new Nokia Suite rather than PC suite.

Which application would you recommend I  use for installing the Lodestone?
Often I know it is better from the accessibility point of view to use older
applications I find.

On the PC I am using XP Pro and Jaws 11.


David Griffith

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