[Loadstone] Loadstone with N86

Bardia zakeri bardiazakeri at gmail.com
Sat Aug 28 09:19:16 BST 2010

  Kit skrev 2010-08-28 00:16:
> Hi Paul,
> Nothing special to configure.
> But pls do this if you want a faster connection.  Go to GPS menu in LS 
> and select Find GPS.  For the first time you need to get connected, 
> select Assisted GPS instead of Integrated GPS.  With A.GPS, you should 
> get signal very fast if all your phone setting is properly set.  This 
> will be charge which data is  about 7 to 10 kb.  If you have default 
> GPS set, then select Disconnected first and then go into the menu 
> again to select A.GPS.
> After getting a signal, then go into GPS menu again and disconnect 
> A.GPS.  After which you go into GPS and Find GPS and now select 
> Integrated GPS.  Now, you should be getting signal with no problem and 
> it's free.
> Pls remember, A.GPS is charged.
> As for phone setting, go to General setting and find for Positioning.  
> Under positioning, find for positioning Method.  Enable Assisted and 
> also Integrated GPS.
> If even with A.GPS in LS and you still cannot get connection, then go 
> to Phone setting, under positioning then positioning server.  Make 
> sure the access is set to a network which you are using.
> secondly, make sure that your server is right.  It should be
> supl.nokia.com
> Thirdly,  set network to Always Ask cause as default its set to auto.  
> If you set to always ask, every time you going to use A.GPS, you will 
> get a prompt.
> All the best!
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>     Hello,
> A friend just installed Loadstone on an N86 and gets the "no signal"
> response when using the internal GPS.  This sounds as though Loadstone is
> recognizing the GPS but not picking up any satellites.  Is there anything
> special that needs to be configured on this model?
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