[Loadstone] Loadstone with N86

Kit goldeneagle74 at gmail.com
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Hi Paul,

Nothing special to configure.

But pls do this if you want a faster connection.  Go to GPS menu in LS and select Find GPS.  For the first time you need to get connected, select Assisted GPS instead of Integrated GPS.  With A.GPS, you should get signal very fast if all your phone setting is properly set.  This will be charge which data is  about 7 to 10 kb.  If you have default GPS set, then select Disconnected first and then go into the menu again to select A.GPS.

After getting a signal, then go into GPS menu again and disconnect A.GPS.  After which you go into GPS and Find GPS and now select Integrated GPS.  Now, you should be getting signal with no problem and it's free.

Pls remember, A.GPS is charged.

As for phone setting, go to General setting and find for Positioning.  Under positioning, find for positioning Method.  Enable Assisted and also Integrated GPS.

If even with A.GPS in LS and you still cannot get connection, then go to Phone setting, under positioning then positioning server.  Make sure the access is set to a network which you are using.  

secondly, make sure that your server is right.  It should be 


Thirdly,  set network to Always Ask cause as default its set to auto.  If you set to always ask, every time you going to use A.GPS, you will get a prompt.

All the best!
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A friend just installed Loadstone on an N86 and gets the "no signal" 
response when using the internal GPS.  This sounds as though Loadstone is 
recognizing the GPS but not picking up any satellites.  Is there anything 
special that needs to be configured on this model? 

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