[Loadstone] Query on bluetooth GPS receiver with n79

saidarshan bhagat saidarshan786 at yahoo.co.in
Sun Aug 22 17:57:37 BST 2010

Dear Friends,
Here I am back with new query regarding loadstone.
I got to test the Bluetooth GPS receiver with my nokia n79.
Unfortunately I was fail in this testing.
 I couldn’t connect my phone with this device, I was getting connection error.
As per the documentation I have also removed the  paring of this device but it didn’t work.
In this test I observed one strange thing  regarding loadstone,internal GPS receiver is also goes fail  if  the Bluetooth connectivity is on. I was getting “Connection error” while using  internal receiver too.
I had to reboote my device after this error  to work with internal receiver.
We cant use Bluetooth while using loadstone with internal receiver?.
 anybody has  encountered same issue in N79?
Requesting all my expert  friends to throw some light on above mentioned issues.
Waiting for your inputs, Thanks in advance.
With best regards.
Mumbai, India. 
+91 9820 223489.

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