[Loadstone] How do I set an end point when traveling?

ralph mathews rjmathews at shaw.ca
Fri Aug 20 14:09:11 BST 2010

Hi Dale,


Sounds like the intersection of 3rd and 12th got checked somehow.  Use the
function key and "find" command to display this point on our screen.  Go
into "options" again and under "last point", you will find  a toggle called
"check" or "uncheck".  Use this to take focus off this intersection.  When
you exit Loadstone, it will most likely tell you that  checkpoints have been
modified and will ask you if you want to save changes.  Save the changes,
otherwise this point wil likely reappear again as the focus the next time
you turn Loadstone on.


I did the same thing coming home fro Winnipeg last night.  In Navigation
mode (I think), I was able to monitor each crossroad as I passed it by
pressing the scroll up key.


Hope this helps,


Ralph in Kenorq

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