[Loadstone] How do I set an end point when traveling?

Dale Leavens dleavens at puc.net
Thu Aug 19 02:28:20 BST 2010

Good evening Loadstoners,

Yesterday I was riding in a car from Lindsay Ontario up here to Cochrane. I decided to play with Loadstone. I have a fairly large database loaded with points from around here including one I created at the bottom of my driveway I call Home. I loaded the database and checkpoints and in Navigation mode began monitoring our progress north.

Pressing the #1 key would give speed and direction but, pressing #5 gave me direction to the intersection of 3rd street and 12th Ave. While I am familiar with that intersection I haven't been there since first downloading and installing Loadstone. I was able to use Find or to use Explore mode to move focus to Home but I could not figure out how to make this the target location. Any use of Loadstone and the target changed to 3rd street and 12th Ave. about a kilometer and a half from here albeit about insignificant from over 500 kilometers away but significant when approaching Home.

I haven't figured out how 3rd Street and 12th Avenue became the target or how to make Home the target and keep it there.

Can someone explain?


Dale leavens.
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