[Loadstone] interesting news from nokia

Vojtěch Polášek krecoun at gmail.com
Sat Aug 14 14:03:45 BST 2010

Hello loadstoners,
I apologize if this is a little of topic, but nokia recently launched 
voice navigation for pedestrians and it is in english and several other 
languages including finish and chinese.
It even announces to you names of streets.
You must have the latest version of  official nokia ovi maps - I can 
host it somewhere if you would like to try this out. The accessibility 
is somehow different from previous versions, so you can contact me of 
list if you don't want it posted here.
The voice navigation for drivers was working long time ago but this is 
very, very interesting. It doesn't announce when you have to cross the 
road, but it's worth trying.

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