[Loadstone] automatic recognizing of Checkpoint file problem

Lex lex at progger.ru
Sat Aug 14 12:24:16 BST 2010


13.08.2010 15:32, monty at loadstone-gps.com пишет:
> The first line in your Loadstone check points file (lscp) should be
> #!lscp
> (as Rob stated)
Indeed it is so. I write "#!lscp\n" at start. I attach an example file 
that is generated by my tool for you to look. One difference I found 
with that generated by offline-tools is that I am using unix line 
endings. Can it be an issue?
> We always try and follow Symbian standards wherever possible (they 
> tend to be quite confusing or non-existent) but if you know of some 
> Symbian standards that we aren't following (but should be) please do 
> share them!
I think that was misunderstanding. Rob statet that mime type must be 
#!lscp, where as I wrote that I set the http mimetype header to 
"application/loadstone.checkpoints" according to the file_formats:
file_header mime_type description
#!lsdb application/loadstone.database (text representation of loadstone 
#!lscp application/loadstone.checkpoints (loadstone checkpoints file)
He said that mimetype must be #!lscp, and I noted that it is pretty 
non-standart because mime types are in form of "text/plain" or 
"application/gzip-encoded" and so on. Well, mimetype and file 
header/signature are different things.
> Also, I have not experienced the problem you describe of a second 
> instance of Loadstone being launched by the recognizer.  Normally, 
> clicking on a link will display the file on screen in the browser, you 
> then need to close the browser and Loadstone picks up the downloaded 
> file from a recognizer trigger.  A far from perfect or eligant method 
> but once again we are limited to the S60 browser and recognizer etc!
I will be happy if my phone will behave in that way, but it doesn't for 
now :-(

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