[Loadstone] automatic recognizing of Checkpoint file problem

Lex lex at progger.ru
Fri Aug 13 09:45:58 BST 2010

  Hi all,

As part of my gps4blinds.ru project, I have written an extended version 
of groute service (many thanks original developers for the idea). One of 
the features is an ability to generate route from your current location 
or from position of selected point in loadstone. It is achieved by 
automatic form-filling based on latitude and longitude received from 
loadstone in the get request.

There are two buttons on the webpage: "view route" and "download route". 
When user presses the second one, server generates appropriate 
checkpoints file with all the headers set as it is described in 
file_formats file.
http mimetype is set to 'application/loadstone.checkpoints'
first line in the file is

All goes well until I press the "download route" button in the browser 
that loadstone opens from online tools menu.
I assume it will bring me a dialog whether I want to save a downloaded 
checkpoints to the loadstone checkpoints folder, but instead of this, it 
opens a new instance of the loadstone application which complains about 
unabling to load the database (perhaps because it is locked by first 
instance of loadstone) and doesn't ask me about checkpoints file at all.

How I can achieve the expected behavior?

Thanks in advance,

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