[Loadstone] Problem with Holux M1000 C

Ari Moisio arimo at iki.fi
Tue Aug 3 15:25:35 BST 2010


You can check  if your receiver send s correct time data with following 

-  Start loadstone and connect with the receiver as usual.

- Wait unti you get a satellite fix.

- Start nmea logging, log for few seconds.

- close the log and Loadstone

Look the log file, for example downloading it into your computer or with 
some file viewer in the phone.  Look for lines that begin with '$GPGGA'.
  Just after the keyword there should be  the UTC time on HHMMSS format.

You can also look for '$GPRMC' lines. Here again the second field it the 
utc time and eigth filed is the date in DDMMYY  format.

For more info  about these senteences have a look at


mr. M01510 & guide Loadstone-GPS

On Tue, 3 Aug 2010, Norbert Müller wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> I had to purchase a Holux M1000C, since my favorite - the regular M1000 - was 
> not available any more.
> The new device seemed to work fine - until I checked the time. I noticed, the 
> clock had been set one hour back. Thinking I could correct that within the 
> loadstone settings, I tried to do so. However, when I briefly quit Loadstone 
> I noticed that also the date had been changed from July 31, 2010 to March 16, 
> 2030.
> The time and date gets changed even if I turn the synchronizing of GPS Time 
> and mobile phone off in Loadstone.
> So far, neither I nor my dealer was able to figure out where this problem 
> comes from. Does anyone have any ideas?
> And while I'm at it: Does Loadstone work well with the Wintec BT 202?
> Best regards,
> Norbert
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