[Loadstone] groute clarification and myth debunking

Kerry Hoath kerry at gotss.net
Tue Aug 3 05:36:26 BST 2010

I have seen a whole pile of posts to this list asking "how do I get 
groute working" etc.
What was posted to the list last week was the php source for groute. To 
make this run, you'll need a web server, a php module and the knowhow to 
set this all up.
You may also even need a google account and you may need to edit the 
source to imbed this information.

What was posted is not a ready to run program unless you have all of the 
other prerequisites configured on your system or virtual server.

There is no easy way to run groute unless it becomes integrated with the 
loadstone offline tools.

If someone were to host groute on a server somewhere and set it up to 
query google they may hit the query limit the author was hitting when 
groute was targetted.

Ihave no idea if anyone is hosting groute, certainly Ihave not seen any 
messages to the list stating this so unless someone puts groute into 
offline tools (If this is even possible) or hosts it for general use 
groute will not be  easily accessible to end-users.

Please also keep in mind hwen you use groute you agree to the google 
terms of service, and part of those terms of service state that you are 
not to use groute for life-critical navigation.
This means that if groute gets you lost, run over or confused, you 
accept all rsponsibility.
Recently a sighted woman attempted to sue google when she walked out 
onto a road and got hit by a car.
Perhaps it would have paid for her to check if any traffic was coming 
before crossing the road rather than concentrating on her navigation device.

I only state the above as users should be aware that even if a 
functional groute is made available then if it breaks you get to keep 
both pieces.

Groute is an excellent tool, however it is only one of many tools you 
should utilize in your aquisition of points.
Also note that marking stuff yourself will give you results accurate to 
the receiver you are currently using and can often get you extremely 
closed to the door of a building etc.

Regards, Kerry.

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