[Loadstone] IBlue 737A+

tempjayren at gmail.com tempjayren at gmail.com
Fri Apr 30 02:40:10 BST 2010

i don't have this gps, though as a general rule any external gps would 
work better than the one in the phone.
take my n82 please. no seriously don't i just wanted to see how that
the n82 also has an internal gps and i understand that technology is 
like 6 years old or older and in tech thats like stone aged.
if the people at talknav haven't changed it again, you can see the gps 
that i bought, because they were the one's that sold the freedom 2000 
gps that sold that was described on blindcooltech a few years ago.
The one on talknav appears to be a better version, from a different 
company i believe.
they are at http://www.talknav.com
i even went to the manufacturer's site and found out more about the 
product itself though i forget that site at the moment.

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