[Loadstone] New resource for point sharing?

Ömer Yesiltas yesiltas1981 at gmail.com
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Hi, I have downloaded some data from the open street map site but found them 
incomplete. I want an entry should include street/avenue, town/city and 
country etc. for instance,
1. street, Turgut Reis Sultanbeyli Istanbul Turkey.
At least it can be without country name.
1. st, Turgut Reis Sultanbeyli Istanbul.
But in most Osm data, It only shows the street name, nothing more. only 1. 
street. What can be done to correct these entries i do not know.
açilmistir. cep telefonlariyla ilgili genis içerige sahip olan sitemize 
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Chip wrote:
>I think it would be great Lex if you could develop a point sharing site.
>it would be especially good if you could convert between the various
>formats (between loadstone and those of the commercial systems), so that
>all blind people could share in all points.

This is the wrong requirement: You should program an application to share 
points with non-commercial systems, not with commercial ones.
As "commercial" implies, you will have to pay if you use such data.

There is already the OpenStreetMap converter to import points from this 
non-commercial data source.

We are working on a mobile application to write back POIs to OSM.

Details on http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/LoroDux

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