[Loadstone] New resource for point sharing?

Ömer Yesiltas yesiltas1981 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 27 21:42:02 BST 2010

Hi, yes, the point share exchange site and loadstone main page itself can be 
multilingual. It would be great. I sometimes translating the loadstone 
manual into turkish and thinking to publish them in my own site. But we can 
also have a
site for turkish loadstone users. Unfortunately at the moment turkish blind 
community did not use loadstone much. Only myself and a few other people 
I myself use loadstone for my major gps application, nokia maps and other 
apps are used only to get data for loadstone.
Even I have a licence for wfa, It seems unstable at the moment, and people 
always wonder when vodafone will shut the source website for its map data.
I do not have website design info or programming, But i can do my best for 
loadstone to reach other turkish blind people by translating and recording 
some podcasts etc.
açilmistir. cep telefonlariyla ilgili genis içerige sahip olan sitemize 
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> The point share exchange is still the official source for points for 
> loadstone. It's still being maintained, just not very well at the moment. 
> The php errors may look kind of nasty but they shouldn't keep things from 
> functioning. If things don't work quite right when you go to the point 
> share site from loadstone-gps.com try going directly to: 
> http://pse.loadstone-gps.com and see if that helps.
> We are awhere that the current point share has problems, everything from 
> php errors to parts of the system just not working as they should. At some 
> point we do plan on giving the system a complete overhall. Since this will 
> be a big job we may call on the loadstone comunity for help with this 
> project. This will be especially true if we want to do things like make a 
> multi-lingual site (probably a good idea since loadstone itself is 
> multi-lingual). We don't know when we'll start these changes but we'll 
> keep the list updated as things develope.
> On Sun, 25 Apr 2010, Lex wrote:
>> Hi community,
>> Currently, I am developing a service which will allow people to share 
>> experience and opinion about different gps receives and cell phones 
>> together with sharing databases of points. It is targeted mostly for 
>> Russian users, because they can't use official point share exchange 
>> (language barrier). However, i noticed, that point share exchange isn't 
>> maintained any more: errors on each page, broken registration etc. 
>> Please, correct me if it isn't so. So, I think that my project can be of 
>> interest not only for Russian, but for people from other countries too. 
>> Creating a multilingual site is more difficult, that's why I want to know 
>> will it be of any interest for other, or i18n is not worth supporting?
>> Please, let me know are you satisfied with official point share exchange? 
>> Do you think such a service can have more features? which ones?
>> If point share exchange is enough for most English-speaking people, I 
>> think it will be easier for me to concentrate on creating a single 
>> language site.
>> Looking forward for you feetback,
>> Lex
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