[Loadstone] Python tools for loadstone v 0.5 released

Lex lex at progger.ru
Tue Apr 27 16:34:14 BST 2010

Hi all,

I am pleased to announce version 0.5 of my set of tools for the 
loadstone-GPS. It includes the fastest and rich-featured OpenStreetMap 
converter, database reprocessor , which is able to report errors not 
only on 'point' table but on your whole database, and [new] a tool to 
search, download and convert locations from the wikimapia project.
loadstone-tools is hosted on google code:
Here you can optain the software itself and look for sources.
Download new version (direct link):

What's new?
Version 0.5 includes a program which can search by keywords locations on 
the wikimapia.org project and print you location names together with 
their bounding boxes, as well as download the data from specified 
bounding box and save it to loadstone database.
Note, that You can specify prefered language you want to receive your 
points in.
Also, now you can specify a delimiter string for intersections in the 
updated open street map converter. For backward compatibility it is set 
to ' X ' by default, but loadstone team recommends to use "@" sign for 
intersections; new version of loadstone will translate this "@" to 
appropriate label for you language. To change intersection delimiter 
from the default " X " to "@", add  "-d @" option to command line 
(without quotes).

Please, report any issues you find and/or ask questions here in the 
list, or contact me privately if you prefer.


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