[Loadstone] New resource for point sharing?

Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at loadstone-gps.com
Tue Apr 27 09:00:41 BST 2010

The point share exchange is still the official source for points for 
loadstone. It's still being maintained, just not very well at the moment. 
The php errors may look kind of nasty but they shouldn't keep things from 
functioning. If things don't work quite right when you go to the point share 
site from loadstone-gps.com try going directly to: 
http://pse.loadstone-gps.com and see if that helps.
We are awhere that the current point share has problems, everything from php 
errors to parts of the system just not working as they should. At some point 
we do plan on giving the system a complete overhall. Since this will be a 
big job we may call on the loadstone comunity for help with this project. 
This will be especially true if we want to do things like make a 
multi-lingual site (probably a good idea since loadstone itself is 
multi-lingual). We don't know when we'll start these changes but we'll keep 
the list updated as things develope.

On Sun, 25 Apr 2010, Lex wrote:

> Hi community,
> Currently, I am developing a service which will allow people to share 
> experience and opinion about different gps receives and cell phones together 
> with sharing databases of points. It is targeted mostly for Russian users, 
> because they can't use official point share exchange (language barrier). 
> However, i noticed, that point share exchange isn't maintained any more: 
> errors on each page, broken registration etc. Please, correct me if it isn't 
> so. So, I think that my project can be of interest not only for Russian, but 
> for people from other countries too. Creating a multilingual site is more 
> difficult, that's why I want to know will it be of any interest for other, or 
> i18n is not worth supporting?
> Please, let me know are you satisfied with official point share exchange? Do 
> you think such a service can have more features? which ones?
> If point share exchange is enough for most English-speaking people, I think 
> it will be easier for me to concentrate on creating a single language site.
> Looking forward for you feetback,
> Lex
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