[Loadstone] New resource for point sharing?

Lex lex at progger.ru
Tue Apr 27 08:50:54 BST 2010


27.04.2010 1:04, tempjayren at gmail.com пишет:
> i'm still looking for data to use that is more accurate than just 
> street data, i want poi type things, stores, restaurants, gas 
> stations, well ok not so much gas stations, though the rest i do want, 
> and that sort of thing.
> i sent a question to the folks that make the map data for various 
> companies, maybe that will help.
> regarding the various formats. are we allowed to convert them about 
> and if so can i get ahold of data used in other products and for my 
> area get a subset of that data and let loadstone have a go at it.
In Russian community we have a converter from garmin format to 
loadstone, and we use it because OSM data for our regions isn't 
accurate. I don't know is it legal to use this tool in other countries 
BTW, Recently I created a python script to download POIS from wikimapia 
and save them into loadstone database. If you are interested, I can 
upload this with new version of my loadstone-tools package.


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