[Loadstone] New resource for point sharing?

Lex lex at progger.ru
Tue Apr 27 08:47:42 BST 2010

Hi Chip and all,

27.04.2010 0:50, Chip Orange пишет:
> I think it would be great Lex if you could develop a point sharing site.
Thanks for your feetback!
Also, I am looking forward to see what others think, especially members 
of the Loadstone development team.. If you guys think that my work might 
break thinks, e.g. divide people effords and you believe that current 
issues with point share exchange will be fixed in future, don't hesitate 
to comment. I don't want to divide loadstone community, My initial idea 
was to help Russian people share their databases without learning English.
However, if we decide that new site need to be developed with English 
interface (and possibly other languages in future), I would like to ask 
some help. Since English isn't my native language, I hope somebody with 
good writing skills can help me in writing texts for site and correcting 
my mistakes.

> it would be especially good if you could convert between the various
> formats (between loadstone and those of the commercial systems), so that
> all blind people could share in all points.
I'll be happy to do that, if I can receive descriptions or 
specifications of those formats. We can write to vendors asking for such 


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