[Loadstone] New resource for point sharing?

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i'm still looking for data to use that is more accurate than just street 
data, i want poi type things, stores, restaurants, gas stations, well ok 
not so much gas stations, though the rest i do want, and that sort of thing.
i sent a question to the folks that make the map data for various 
companies, maybe that will help.
regarding the various formats. are we allowed to convert them about and 
if so can i get ahold of data used in other products and for my area get 
a subset of that data and let loadstone have a go at it.

On 4/26/2010 5:50 PM, Chip Orange wrote:
> I think it would be great Lex if you could develop a point sharing site.
> it would be especially good if you could convert between the various
> formats (between loadstone and those of the commercial systems), so that
> all blind people could share in all points.
> thank you very much.
> Chip
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>> Hi community,
>> Currently, I am developing a service which will allow people to share
>> experience and opinion about different gps receives and cell phones
>> together with sharing databases of points. It is targeted mostly for
>> Russian users, because they can't use official point share exchange
>> (language barrier). However, i noticed, that point share
>> exchange isn't
>> maintained any more: errors on each page, broken registration etc.
>> Please, correct me if it isn't so. So, I think that my
>> project can be of
>> interest not only for Russian, but for people from other
>> countries too.
>> Creating a multilingual site is more difficult, that's why I want to
>> know will it be of any interest for other, or i18n is not
>> worth supporting?
>> Please, let me know are you satisfied with official point share
>> exchange? Do you think such a service can have more features?
>> which ones?
>> If point share exchange is enough for most English-speaking people, I
>> think it will be easier for me to concentrate on creating a single
>> language site.
>> Looking forward for you feetback,
>> Lex
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