[Loadstone] Vibration for Navigation

Per Reisender at online.de
Fri Apr 23 15:45:41 BST 2010

Perhaps this idea could be useful for Loadstone-GPS as well. Pocket 
Navigator is an Android app, developed by the German OFFIS research 
institute. OFFIS is also a consortium partner of the European research 
project Haptimap. . I like the idea of vibration for navigation respectively 
information. From the pocketnavigator.org site (see or hear video too):

"The PocketNavigator is available for free in the Android Market. It uses 
tactile feedback to guide you safely through an unknown city. Thus, your 
precious mobile phone can safely stay inside your pocket. The lines to 
follow will explain you how the tactile feedback works, and how you can use 
the PocketNavigator.

Tactile Feedback

As it is uncomfortable to keep a mobile device in the hand during a 
navigation task all the time, we developed TwoPulse, a tactile information 
presentation method for your mobile phone. As suggested by the name, Two 
Pulse uses two tactile pulses to indicate the direction towards the next 
waypoint of your route. If both pulses have the same duration, the waypoint 
is straight ahead. If the first pulse is longer than the second, you have to 
turn left a bit. If the second one is longer than the first pulse, you have 
to turn a bit right. Two Pulse gives you continuous feedback and do not give 
you specific turning instructions as a common navigation system will do. 
Thus, you have the ability to navigate more freely. Please also watch the 
demonstration video below."


Best regards,  Per

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