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David Mehler dave.mehler at gmail.com
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Thanks for your replies. I haven't found the setting for the access
point setup. The gps used is the assisted gps.
My phone is a nokia surge.
Thanks much.

On 4/17/10, Dave Mielke <dave at mielke.cc> wrote:
> [quoted lines by David Mehler on 2010/04/16 at 20:46 -0400]
>>Still not getting a signal with my phone's internal gps, i've let it
>>wait longer than 2 minutes. I'm wondering if it's not going out?
> WEel ... you got me curious so I did some more experimenting. I think one
> fundamental problem with these phones is that so much electronics are packed
> around the GPS receiving antenna that it just doesn't work as well as one
> might
> expect. Also, the typical way one holds ones phone tends to obscure the
> satellites from the internal GPS receiving antenna's view. If the phone is
> in
> your pocket or on your belt then your body will act as a rather significant
> ground. If you hold your phone face up in your hand then your palm will tend
> to
> cover the antenna.
> Each model is different, of course, but I suspect it's reasonably safe to
> assume that the internal GPS receiving antenna is toward the back of your
> phone
> since the front tends to be fully occupied by the keypad, display, etc. For
> the
> best results, therefore, what you need to do is hold your phone (or lay it
> on a
> table) face down. This way, if it's in your hand then your palm isn't
> covering
> the antenna, and there's a minimum of obstructions between the antenna and
> the
> satellites. With my phone face down in my hand, and only using the internal
> receiver, my phone syncs up in about three and a half minutes the first
> time,
> and in just several seconds after a short disconnect/reconnect cycle.
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