[Loadstone] Loadstone Digest, Vol 46, Issue 24

kwagga productions kwaggapro at vodamail.co.za
Sat Apr 17 07:53:10 BST 2010

Hi guys.

As i wrote in my previous e mail.  I am quite sure that this problem is with 
your mobile speach.  I use talks. And that works perfectly with loadstone 
and all the software on my nokia E66.  It also works fine with other nokia 
phones and loadstone as far as i have tested. I have tested loadstone with 
E51 and N82 that both worked with talks and loadstone and had no problems 
what so ever.  I would still suggest though that you contact your vendors 
and sort it out with them.  As i said. Loadstone although it being a 
powerfull apluication uses minimal resources.  These people knew what they 
were doing when they wrote the aplication with regards to memory use. Monty 
if you are reading this could you perhaps assist these guys? You are more 
clude up with this then i am. Kind regards. Corrie.

 Kwagga Productions. Preserving memories in sound. 

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