[Loadstone] Loadstone testing with nokia internal gps

kwaggapro at vodamail.co.za kwaggapro at vodamail.co.za
Fri Apr 16 08:30:53 BST 2010

Hi there.

You might want to try the following.
1 switch to assistive gps.
2 check that your nokia's oppmrating system is up to date.
I am not using mobile speak. But i updated my phone and re installed my screen reader. And i also changed my gps. Now even these guys at loadstone argue with me when i tell them how accurit there program is. My loadstone picks up signal with in 35 seconds even when i have got vertualy no network signal. Maybe the gps doesn't need a cell phone network signal. I don't know. As far as your issue with the reading is concerned it is defnetly your mobile speak that is causing trouble. Loadstone doesn't use graphics and therefore consumes minor resourses. It seems that your mobile speak doesn't refresh the screen fast enough. And that causes your phone to slow down. So check your os system and update that. Then re install mobile speak. Then re install loadstone and choose asistive gps. Hope you get it sorted. Corrie.

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