[Loadstone] loadstone and mobile speak

Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at loadstone-gps.com
Thu Apr 15 23:17:34 BST 2010

If you get a no signal message this means you're connected to the gps 
receiver but you have no gps signal. Read the documentation for information 
on this and more.
The inconsistant speech may be a mobile speak problem. There are some users 
of loadstone that use mobile speak and they haven't reported any problems 
like this so it may be a combination of your phone model and mobile speak 

On Thu, 15 Apr 2010, David Mehler wrote:

> Hello,
> Do we have any user's of loadstone-gps onlist? I'm using mobile speak
> and trying to get loadstone going on a Nokia Surge phone. I'm having
> two issues, one might be a phone the other might be mobile speak.
> Since i don't have a bluetooth external gps i'm having to use the
> phone's internal gps receiver, when i try to tell loadstone to use it
> i get an indicator saying no signal, does activating a gps program
> enable the phone's gps receiver?
> The other issue is one of key assignments and mobile speak. If there
> are any user's are there any key conflicts between mobile speak and
> loadstone? Sometimes when i hit a key to change modes, 0 for
> navigation or exploration mode sometimes i have to hit it twice and
> speech is inconsistent.
> Thanks.
> Dave.
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