[Loadstone] loadstone and mobile speak

David Mehler dave.mehler at gmail.com
Thu Apr 15 22:00:43 BST 2010

Do we have any user's of loadstone-gps onlist? I'm using mobile speak
and trying to get loadstone going on a Nokia Surge phone. I'm having
two issues, one might be a phone the other might be mobile speak.
Since i don't have a bluetooth external gps i'm having to use the
phone's internal gps receiver, when i try to tell loadstone to use it
i get an indicator saying no signal, does activating a gps program
enable the phone's gps receiver?
The other issue is one of key assignments and mobile speak. If there
are any user's are there any key conflicts between mobile speak and
loadstone? Sometimes when i hit a key to change modes, 0 for
navigation or exploration mode sometimes i have to hit it twice and
speech is inconsistent.

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