[Loadstone] gps reciever issues

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Yes, Confirm that Nokia Maps is using A.GPS, that's why why after running 
it, then loadstone will connect fast even with integrated gps.
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The thing to remember about the internal gps receiver is it's complete junk.
The chipset it's using is from around 6 years ago so it will not perform up
the specs of any modern receiver. To get a signal you'll need to make sure
you have a clear view of the sky, you can almost forget about getting any
kind of signal if you're indoors unless you're very lucky. If you're using
assisted gps then you're performance may be somewhat better but only for
acquiring a signal. This will require you to have a data plan (and a sim
installed of course).
You do not need to start nokia maps or do any other kind of menu switching
back and forth to get the receiver working as some people have suggested.
Just select the receiver from loadstone and it'll get a signal if it can.
Some people report the receiver starts quicker after starting nokia maps.
The reason for this may be if nokia maps is using assisted gps by default.
If this is the case then you can also have loadstone use assisted gps (agps)
and you should get the same results.
To help the receiver get a signal if your phone is an n82 then hold the
phone at a 45 degree angle (the gps receiver is near the top of the phone).
If your phone is an n95 make sure the slide is open (the gps receiver is
under the 0 key). Other phone models may be slightly different.

On Sun, 11 Apr 2010, tempjayren at gmail.com wrote:

> i checked the network settings for positioning and that's turned on.
> however i just thought, the phone in question does not have a sim card. i
> wouldn't think this would be an issue except in this assisted gps thing
> because it can't use the cell towers to help. would it not be able to find
> the integrated gps without a sim in place?
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