[Loadstone] gps internal has good news

Dave Carlson dgcarlson at sbcglobal.net
Mon Apr 12 14:04:41 BST 2010

It may acquire sooner on your next foray. This is because lodestone now 
knows the last position found. Loadstone will now start looking from that 
position and it's easier to find a minimum constellation of satellites.

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well, i went outside and stood on the stair landing and held the phone
out over the railing so it could see the open sky. it took just over 5
minutes to acquire a signal of any sort.
this i because the demo of talks i have to use at the moment only runs
for 10 minutes.
i wanal to the phone.sn't clear if the term 'no signal' meant it didn't
have data from the sattellites or that the gps recievfer wasn't sending
a sigs just a bit long
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