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Pls note that when Assisted GPS is used, you will be charged if you don't have  unlimited data access package on your phone line.

If you are not using any other  GPS applications, then use the Assisted GPS through LoadStone.  

1.  If it says no signal, go to options, then GPS and select Disconnect GPS.

2.  Then Press option  and under the GPS menu select Find GPS.  Under Find GPS, select Assisted GPS. If you have no unlimited package access, you will be charge data transfer of about 7k to 10k.  So check out through the data transfer packet data log portion in the phone Tools to know for sure.

  3.  If you are using unlimited access, then continue using LoadStone with Assisted GPS. However, if not, change it to integrated GPS.

  4.  Go to GPS menu, select disconnect GPS.  Then select GPS menu again and under Find GPS, select Integrated GPS.  Since you have managed to get it connected earlier using A. GPS, now your Integrated GPS should get connected with no problem.

  Happy trying.

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  Try "assisted GPS" in the GPS menu. It should then use the cellular network 
  to help in fixing your location and get a quicker initial lock to the 


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  is there something i need to do outside of loadstone to turn on the
  integrated gps so loadstone can have fun with it?
  i managed to figure out how to tell loadstone what gps i wanted, that
  was good. though now it is saying no signal for, then it says a time,
  seconds or minutes depending on how long i leave it running.

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